Topalidis Marble (GR) White Kyknos stone
Ariston White is a fine dolomite (dolomitic marble) although, it is often faulty referred as limestone or even granite.

It is a Greek marble of high quality, with a white background. Ιn Greek it is Λευκό “Άριστον μάρμαρο” and it means White “Best marble”.

The official name of this supreme decorative stone is “Graniti of Drama” and its origin derives from the quarries locations in Drama, North Macedonia, Greece.

Sometimes, it also called “The Elegant Gentleman” of the white marble varieties from Greece. It is very famous and popular, and a worldwide exported Hellenic stone.
There are also several trading - commercial or even translated names which are mostly given by a Greek quarrier or manufacturer, a foreign or domestic supplier exporter, or even a wholesaler.

Some of them are: Ariston Blanco dolomita, Branco, Blanc, Weiss, Bianco, Kyknos white marble, Kynos, Kiknos, Kycnos or Cyros, Kalliston or Kaliston, Granitis of Drama, Aristone, Granites or Granitis Dramas, Dove, White Macedonia, Elegant Gentleman, Venus, Аристон Уайт, Аристон Белый, Кикнос Белый, etc.

Besides, this exceptional Greek marble can be also found under quality or selection related names, while, stone quality and selections are also related to its color variations; white background with darker or lighter thick, middle or fine veins.
Such quality – selection names are: Ariston Extra ( in its Extra quality it is an almost pure white dolomite ), Classic, A’, A1’, Venus, etc.

The natural, unique patterns of Ariston White marble, along with fine surface elaboration, elaborated by an efficient manufacturer, may even more highlight the stone’s beauty and add elegance & luxury to the areas that is applied.

Furthermore, Kyknos white can be perfectly matched with other decorating or building materials, such as other natural stones (granite, limestone, sandstone), wood, glass or metal to shape any mood for your project!

Click on the picture for the official lab tests – properties of Ariston ( Physical & Mechanical Properties, Mineralogical Composition and Chemical Analysis ).
Ariston White marble properties Ariston (Kyknos) white marble