Topalidis Marble (GR) Ariston quarries
Topalidis SA Marble & Granite is a modern, fully equipped production factory, located near the quarries of Ariston in Drama, Greece.

The company has been in the stone production & supplies for more than twenty years, producing and exporting worldwide, high quality, Greek marble.

Ariston white, especially, is exported in various forms, at competitive prices, to be used in various around the world prestigious projects.
The experienced company’s staff starts the strict control by selecting the best material from the best Ariston quarries.

Strict control continues with inspection of the production process, packing & loading to ensure that your supplies will be of the highest quality Ariston, treated as per your requirements and have safe & on time deliveries.

Exports of Ariston marble include tiles, slabs & blocks. Blocks are supplied squared or rough. Slabs can be of 2-3cm thickness or more. While tiles are available in standard or cut-to-size dimensions & can have various treatments:
  • Unpolished / Polished
  • Mirror polish (book-match)
  • Bevelled (chamferred)
  • Calibrated
  • Tumbled
  • Honed
  • Sawn ( Rough )
  • Sand Blasted
  • Bushhammered
  • Flamed, etc.

The most common dimensions of Ariston white tiles are:

30x60x2cm (300x600x20mm)
30x30x2cm (300x300x20mm)
30,5x30,5x1cm (305x305x10mm)
40x40x2cm (400x400x20mm)
60x60x2cm (600x600x20mm)
90x90x2cm (900x900x20mm)
24"x24", 36"x36"
White Kynos marble White Ariston marble factory White Kyknos marble (Greece)
Blocks, slabs and tiles in the factory (Greece) of White Kynos - White Kyknos
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